22 sept. 2011

Comparative and superlative

Let's practice:
easy activities:  act. 1   act. 2   act. 3
medium level: act. 4    act. 5
as ... as: act. 6  act. 7
Comparative or superlative? act. 8   act. 9   act. 10

Funny page about adjectives and comparatives: Adjective Detective
Funny hangman (ahorcado): here
Basketball game: here (choose the ball with 1,2 or 3 points, click on it, choose the right option, click on the ball again when it says SHOOT. Good luck!)
The box game: here

Song: record breakers

Present Simple

Here you are the grammar explanation of the present simple. Click the links:

Now, it's time to practice!
1. Do you want to practice the present of the verb TO BE? Click here:
2. Let's practice the present simple of other verbs. YOU CAN DO IT!
3. If you have difficulties with the 3rd person singular in present simple, do these activities about SPELLING CHANGES when adding -S.

Enjoy irregular verbs!

Practice before the exam, click here:

Test yourself

Jeopardy quiz: game

Another funny game: click here for the past simple and here for the past participle

Don't forget to study the meaning too!